Nether mudEdit

The nether mud is an speculated/upcoming feature going to be on the nether enhanced mod.

Main featuresEdit

Fairly Rare

Damages sun light dwellers (passive, aggresive, allied, YOU)

"corrupts" nearby grass to be corrupt dirt in a 6x6 sphere

Attracts mobs


3200 = 11 mud blocks

Farming mudEdit

Bring corrupt dirt and nether mud in a nether furnace, which will then be smelted with an obsidian block and nether mud as fuel, this process usually brings two mud from one corrupt dirt block, since the mud wont usually survive this, but there is a chance it will...

Mud and WheatEdit

any wheat installed on Nether mud will poison it, and, once harvest able, you can use this wheat to poison arrows or animals, creating more powerful weapons (shooting poisoned arrows at spiders will affect their targeting, and so will attack other mobs, creepers explode, skeletons get a worse aim and zombies get slower) or just a new farming tool (poisoning a pig, and then killing will yield poisoned pork, which you can then use to attract mobs to your mob trap)

Poisoned wheat/bread do 1 damage a second (half hearth)