Nether BiomesEdit

Nether Biomes is an upcoming/speculated feature coming to the nether enhanced, giving the nether something more, also from the good ol nether

Soul Sand desertEdit

A place with mostly soulsand and little to no lava, only overworld mobs (below level 30) and dry lava slimes (dry slimes) can mainly be found here. Lightstone is pretty much bigger in veins, being it underground (in caves) or in the roof, Nether ores are quite rare here, and there is a chance the biome can yield a low tier dungeon/small dungeon

small deserts are common, with the big ones being a rarity

Netherrack RuinsEdit

There is no known tracks of the builder of such structure, a gigantic creation made out of netherrack, glass, and lighstone, being huge, labirynth-like formations, protruding in and out of the commonly seen nether geography, it is something a minecrafter can build.

the biome wields no dungeons, the biome IS the dungeon, it is really rare to find a mob outside of the structures, other than a pigmen, or a ghast that flew to the boundaries.

The biome itself is very rare

Lighstone sunEdit

In this biome,everything seems like the normal nether, other than the top, which is a roof of lightstone, hellbats and hellgliders are the most common mob over here, the biome itself, is rare.


the nether you already know, common.

Snow barrensEdit

this is the inverted pole of the nether, in the nether, an ice desert, water, ice, snow, everything but soulsand, netherrack, lava, you can rarely find an overworld ore vein here, and the only known thing spawning here are the overworld mobs, being at level 30

This is the rarest biome of all