Hellbats are an upcoming/discussed mob for the nether enhanced.

They will hang on the ceiling, eating lightstone (very slowly) and, once eaten, they would be inactive for 7 minutes,


Once the hellbat is inactive, it will sleep, or flee from a hellglider, in this state (full/inactive) they will glow at light level 4, and if not. their bellies will glow as spider eyes do. they become aggresive if disturbed, but they will be slower and will drop lighstone on death They fly at 0,6 block/s, and they are a 1x1x1 bats


This would be the normal state from a hellbat, some will hang up on the ceiling and walk there, and others will fly around, they are normally neutral, but if you get to close, they will drop a screech alerting all of the bats beetween a 32 block area, they fly at 1 block/s, and are mostly 1x1x1 bats


0-3 Darkness leather (50%)

0-5 Lightstone dust (50%(only when inactive))