The ghast tears is a new liquid going to be introduced into the nether enhanced, having three forms.



At item form it damages you when it is in you inventory, this shows off its highly acidic properties.


At the bucket form it stops damaging you, it can be placed as a liquid, and pretty much works like any other item in a bucket.


In this form it looks like pee


These items spawn randomly when a ghast cries. (New action which will also be introduced into the mod), which ends up on a different texture, and the ghast dropping the item,

Rarity: Just imagine it as chicken eggs, but with a flying jellyfish that shoot fireballs at you.

Original IdeaEdit

By: raptorfangamer

Ghast tearsEdit

Sometimes Ghasts will randomly cry, dropping those tears.


Imagine chicken eggs, but with a flying giant jellyfish that shoot fireballs at you.

Quantity droppedEdit

1 Ghast Tear

Used forEdit

Acid that can flow like water, be on the nether, and damage mobs (0.5 hearts every 2 seconds, haves a chance to corrode items.)


Dark Green.

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