Dark Roots

Original Idea:



Big Clumps

Used for:

Making wood structures and items

Darkroots are the equivalent to trees in the nether


You can put this item in the crafting grid, and then you will get 4 corrupted planks.

With corrupted planks you can do mostly anything you can with normal planks.


These trees spawn randomly over lava lakes and are not very common but when you do find them they will be in big clumps

Original IdeaEdit

By: ?

Firewood, this type of wood grows in soulsand and tries to expand to the nearest source of light (new ways of tree farming in the nether?), branching itself and growing until it blocks it completely and then goes to the next light source, its use is to make the nether a place to be in large periods of time or even your new main base Rarity: rare, but probably when you find one it will be pretty big Quantity per mining/drops: 0-1 fireshards when mined with nethertools, 1-1 firewood when mined with nethertools , 1-2 charcoal when mined with tools from the overworld. Usefulness: a new way of tree farming, a way to live in the nether, atrackts pigmen, non-flammable, can craft almost every thing made out of wood found on the overworld (This idea has been adpated)

External sourcesEdit

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